Youth Program

The purpose of the Youth Program is to give Junior Anglers guidance in how to cultivate skills in fishing, teamwork, integrity, work ethic, public image, service to others and become well rounded in the arena of bass fishing. 

Here are a few things we will provide for our youth anglers.  

-An environment rich with knowledge about the fishing industry and teachers that will provide seminars concerning things that will affect them in their fishing endeavors.  

-A discount on all items 5X3 offers

-A Facebook page where they can ask question and share information with the other anglers that are chosen to be a part of the youth program.

-We will try to match the youth skills to match companies that we work with closely in order to help them obtain more sponsorships in the future.

-We want to build a better work ethic for anglers at an early age and also show them how to deal with the ups and downs of the fishing industry.

Requirements for ambassador program:

-Ages 10-18
-Must have a Instagram or Facebook page.
-Must have permission from parents 
-Must have passing grades in school (B-Average preferred)
-Must share 5x3 values of honesty, integrity, and strong work ethic.
-Must own 5x3 gear
-Keep good rapport with peers

Ambassadors can be release from the program for any behavior or act deemed unacceptable by 5x3 management.

A few of the golden rules for Junior Anglers. (No Grey area with these rules is Black or white)

1. No one owes you anything. (Whether it be respect, product, sponsorships etc. All these things are earned and take time to accomplish.
2. Honesty is always the best policy. Anytime you have to make up an image or story and it's not 100% truth, people will find out what the real truth eventually is and it will be difficult to regain their trust. 
3. Actions speak louder than words. Whether it be tournament finishes, or Good grades. Study hard, fish hard and let that speak for your accomplishments. Talk is cheap!
4. Enjoy being a young angler. Do not try to grow up too soon. Gain knowledge and experience at your own pace. Trust me these will be some of the best years of your life.
5. Your reputation will be the key to your success or possibly your demise. Guard it with everything you have. Honesty and a good reputation is like money in the bank. You'll be able to cash in on it later.

We will select 20 anglers in the beginning and those decisions will be made by a group of 4 including the owner of 5X3.  These anglers will be held to a super high standard as are all of the anglers on our staff.  The anglers chosen will need a facebook so they can see the facebook live seminars and be active with the group and learn as much as they can.


We will verify all information sent to us including purchase history with 5X3 when choosing our staff.