5x3 Rewards Program

Want to get rewarded for being a loyal customer?

5X3 has taken it upon ourselves to reward loyal customers regardless if they are a boater or non boater at several levels of competition.  It's our way of saying "thank you" for being a supporter of 5X3.

We will cover the following trails and tournaments at this time.

BFL, TBF National Tournament, Rayovac series, Bass Opens, Bass Nation Championship tournament, LBAA events, ABA weekend series, FLW Tour and Bass Elites.

Here is how it works.

The 5X3 No Excuses Rewards Program

To reward anglers at all levels, 5X3 has implemented a rewards program that not only rewards anglers at the local and amateur level but we are also rewarding non-boaters that fish certain trails.  For this year, we will provide a rewards program to anglers that fish as boaters and non-boaters in all divisions of the FLW trails.  That includes any division of the BFL, Rayovac and the FLW tour.  We will also include the same rewards program to all of the BASS Open division boaters and non-boaters as well as the BASS Elite anglers.