Making Memories

by Jake Freeman June 19, 2016

Making Memories

Making Memories.

 As many of us awaken today we are celebrating Father’s day. A day where dads are given ties, socks, hand drawn pictures from their kids, breakfast in bed from their loved ones and treated like kings for the day. A lot of us will be silently reflecting on our fathers and the things that they taught us as we grew up. Most of us will reflect back on the times when out fathers took us fishing for the first time or the first fish we caught with our dads. Those are the times that are engrained into our minds forever and that mean the most to us. Those are the memories that we should be building with our children and if you don’t have children then a family member or any loved one.

 Passing down the sport of fishing does several things. First, it ensures the future of the sport that we love so much. Second, it builds lasting memories that can never be replaced. If done correctly is also teaches conservation to the next generation of anglers making sure they have fish to catch. If you are teaching your children it creates a great bond that builds trust and can pave the way to some amazing days and conversations that may have never taken place without our passion for fishing.I have found with my daughter that when we started fishing together that we began to not only learn more about each other but I got to spend quality time with her and teach her about life and how to deal with adversity and how to win and lose with pride.

 In closing there are many ways to ensure a successful day of making memories with your children and loved ones but the most important one of all is patience. With a little patience and some luck you may just create the next Kevin Van Dam or Bill Dance.


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Have a Happy Fathers Day!

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Jake Freeman
Jake Freeman


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