Fishing.....through the eyes of a child.

by Jake Freeman October 10, 2016 2 Comments

Fishing.....through the eyes of a child.

Fishing…..through the eyes of a child.


This article was written by my daughter, Madelin Freeman.  She wrote it to show how she sees fishing and what it means to her.  This has been slightly edited by myself as she is 12 years old but I have added nothing to what she has written.  Very short and to the point and if you think that you kids wouldn’t enjoy spending the day on the water with you, even during a tournament…..think again.  We as anglers tend to make excuses saying “she’s a girl” or “They won’t like it because they may not catch anything.” Stop making excuses and pass the sport on to our future. Our kids need us and want us to be involved in their life.


My name is Madi Freeman and I am 12 years old and I love to fish.  I first started going with my dad when I was 4 and go almost every time he goes now. I really enjoy spending time with my dad and learning all about fishing.  He teaches me what baits to use and when to use them in certain conditions. I learn a lot from him and he is very patient with me even when we aren’t catching anything.


As I have gotten older I have learned to run the trolling motor and can take over the boat and fish spots that I want to fish and let my dad take a break or relax for a few minutes if he wants to. I now have my own rods and reels and can’t wait for the next time to be on the water with him. We now fish tournaments together and I am really enjoying that part of fishing to. I’ve learned from dad that when you break off a fish or it comes off that you forget about it and make the next cast.


Fishing with my dad is my absolute favorite thing to do and I turn down everything else, except for church, to go with him and I have skipped once to go fish with him. LOL.  I think my favorite part about fishing with him is that we get to talk about a lot of different things and catch up from my week at school.  He supports me in everything I do especially fishing and I am so glad to spend time with him doing things that we both love to do.  I know that as I will get older I will remember all the fun times and laughs that we had.  The best part of all this is even on days when we don’t catch anything, he always makes it fun and we have a great time.


I am very grateful to have a dad that wants to take the time and effort to show me a sport that he has loved his whole life and now it’s a sport that I will love all of my life too.


Madelin Freeman


Jake Freeman
Jake Freeman


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Carlos Barroso
Carlos Barroso

April 01, 2018

Hello Madeline, your words are very encouraging. There have been times that I would love to take my three kids out fishing and many times we have. But unfortunately as a Dad I have chosen on a few occasions to go alone to practice hard for a tournament. But I realized quickly that those tournaments I did not do as well as I hoped. Could it have been the Lords hand lol? Possibly lol… But now being 45 years old and understanding that my kids and wife are my life and a tournament win is only truly exciting when I can have them there with me to celebrate those moments. Thank you for sharing your heartfelt words with all of us. My prayer for you as that your relationship with your dad continues to grow each day, that you get to enjoy lots of water time, but most important Keeping that wonderful desire to go to church and serve the lord all your days.
God bless you
from Chicamagua/Harrison Bay Tn.

Kevin W Franklin
Kevin W Franklin

October 10, 2016

Thank you Madeline!!! Your comments are encouraging and special to me. I did the same with my son when he was young. I have a daughter who is almost the same age as you but her love of cheerleading and other things keep her from fishing. That’s ok too!! She is still my girl. Thanks again and aim high with your future goals.

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